QOSMOSYS creates 1/137-Labs, aiming at preparing the Moon economy and space asset tokenization

October 5th, 2022, 9am SGT – SINGAPORE – QOSMOSYS is proud to announce today the creation of 1/137-Labs.

Qosmosys recognizes the importance and power of the blockchain technologies for the upcoming development of the Moon economy, as well as the necessary preparation of the future financial ecosystem that will rule transactions in outer space.

“We believe tokenization of space assets constitutes an ideal instrument for Qosmosys, strengthening the company’s strategic position into the race for a sustainable outer space economy involving the communities as citizens of the World via a decentralized autonomous organization (or DAO).” Says Francois Dubrulle, Qosmosys CEO.

As a new division to Qosmosys, 1/137-Labs mission is to connect to the blockchain technical and financial applications to Qosmosys’ on-going project developments.

Project Godspeed released earlier this year by Qosmosys constitutes a first crypto-brick for 1/137-Labs prior to grow a wider ecosystem addressing open science and space assets tokenization for the direct and indirect benefit of space exploration ventures while giving people the opportunity to be true pioneers in contributing to the most fascinating economic and social adventure of our century.

About QOSMOSYS: QOSMOSYS is an international private company established with the purpose of offering on-demand services to public or private organizations that desire to operate on the Moon and beyond in three sectors: mining & robotics, science & tech and transportation.