QOSMOSYS kickstarts its Moon exploration venture with project GODSPEED.

July 6th, 2022, 12pm SGT – Singapore – QOSMOSYS is proud to announce today its project GODSPEED.

Godspeed celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the launch into space of the probe Pioneer-10 carrying onboard a famous gold-anodized aluminum plaque featuring nude figures of a human male and female along with a set of signs designated to inform extraterrestrial life the origin of the spacecraft.

More broadly, Godspeed wants to address a tribute to all scientists and artists in the World who have shaped our humanity for so long.

Therefore, Qosmosys will release a Godspeed Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection on Opensea later this month, followed by the encapsulation onboard Qosmosys’ first spacecraft Zeus-1 of fifty unique artworks all made by influential artists. Each artwork inspired by the Pioneer-10 plaque will be engraved on same gold-anodized aluminum plate and turned into NFTs.

Those NFTs will be sold through auctions shortly after Zeus-1 launch into space by SpaceX from Cape Canaveral in November 2022.

Godspeed is also the title of a documentary about art and science currently underway and released before the end of 2022, featuring some famous scientists and artists.

Godspeed constitutes for Qosmosys the first milestone of its multi-million dollars backbone project of a Moon vehicle architecture (QSS) intending to serve on-demand services to public or private organizations that desire to operate on the Moon. That unique project will rely on a decentralized-autonomous organization (DAO) involving the Earth communities to give a voice to the world citizens about the space exploration by humans.


About QOSMOSYS: QOSMOSYS is a private company established in Singapore with the purpose of contributing to the peaceful development of the space economy. Qosmosys main vertical is to address the development of Moon infrastructure deployment & services. https://www.qosmosys.com