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Qosmosys Selects NuSpace for the Development of the Zeus Spacecraft Platform

Qosmosys selects NuSpace

Singapore – 1st February 2021 – Qosmosys, a Singaporean venture founded in 2020, officially announces its partnership with NuSpace, a Singaporean new-space start-up, to assemble and integrate its Zeus series of spacecraft.

The partnership would also involve NuSpace performing research and development works for the Zeus platform.

Qosmosys and NuSpace will develop a versatile, multi-mission spacecraft bus that will serve both companies’ future respective projects. Heritage of this bus is based on NuSpace’s experience in designing robust spacecraft.

Francois Dubrulle, founder of Qosmosys, has declared, “We are thrilled to partner with NuSpace. Combining our strengths, along with our financial capabilities, will significantly contribute to the development of new space activities in Singapore. NuSpace is the ideal business and technical partner for Qosmosys.”

“We are honoured to have the opportunity to contribute to this partnership. Qosmosys’ manifesto brings new ideas to the space industry and we are excited to be part of it. Working with Qosmosys will also help us expand our professional network and advance our technological capabilities,” said Zhen Ning, co-founder and CEO of NuSpace. 

About NuSpace

NuSpace is a spin-off from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a focus on providing cost effective IoT connectivity using a constellation of nanosatellites. Leveraging the knowledge gained from the Galassia project in NUS, the team has capabilities in designing and building nanosatellites for various applications.

NuSpace is a private venture funded space-tech start-up in Singapore. Its investors include Origgin, NUS GRIP, Beenext and Sunbo Partners.