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Singapore space venture QOSMOSYS launches retail brand QONN8Q

QONN8Q website

Now everyone can immortalize their precious moments in space.

Singapore, 21st June 2021 – QOSMOSYS, a Singapore-based space venture founded in 2020 to contribute to a new business era of peaceful space colonization, is launching their first consumer brand, QONN8Q (pronounced “Connect”) on 21st June 2021, 5.38pm (GMT +8).

QOSMOSYS combines breakthrough technologies with ambitious business goals to design space missions relying on a proprietary spacecraft design, aims at upscaling the unlimited use of outer space for meaningful business and science purposes while respecting international guidelines to steer clear of contributing space junk in the Earth-neighborhood. It sets its sight in cutting its teeth in the comprehensive space colonization segment estimated by Morgan Stanley to triple and top more than a trillion US$ by the year 2040. 

Building upon QOSMOSYS’ capabilities to design, launch and operate multi-mission space vehicles that serve organizations or individuals for commercial or scientific applications, QONN8Q is a first-of-its-kind space venture that now gives anyone and everyone a new way to experience space. With QONN8Q, every customer (a “Qosmonaut”) in QONN8Q’s community (the “QosmoSpace”) can create, maintain and develop connections with others using space as a proxy. 

Through its signature service, QosmoSign, one now has the unique opportunity to immortalize milestones and precious memories through composable messages that will be launched into space, sealed in a time capsule. Each QosmoSign is crafted on a plate of special metal alloy, ensuring a limitless longevity to your message, then encapsulated into a bespoke time capsule. 

The QosmoSign will then be processed by QONN8Q and be set to launch into space onboard a Zeus spacecraft manufactured by QOSMOSYS. The QosmoSign will be launched using a commercial rocket, like Falcon 9 from SpaceX.  The first spacecraft is set to be launched in space on 1st June 2022 from Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA. Once it arrives into orbit, the spacecraft with the QosmoSign will orbit the Earth for 25 years, or for eternity around the Moon.

QosmoSign Replica

Consumers can keep in contact with their QosmoSign via QosmoSpace, a personal space experience platform which will not only enable interactions with other Qosmonauts, keep contact with Zeus spacecraft in orbit via a dashboard, and receive messages from our spacecraft operation center, but also manage their own data and QosmoSigns.

As a personal keepsake, consumers will also have the option to purchase a replica to their QosmoSign that will be delivered to them or their loved one(s) after purchase as a testimony of the choice made to be a Qosmonaut.

To begin their space experience, consumers can now visit to purchase their own QosmoSign and enjoy exclusive early bird prices starting from USD288 (usual price USD488).

Emphasizing QONN8Q’s mission is founder and CEO of QOSMOSYS and a veteran from the space industry, François Dubrulle, “Where most space industry players explore vertical technologies with a B2B perspective, I see QONN8Q taking risks to rely on the capacity of digital platforms to empower every individual to contribute to create strong communities as a source of value to enforce the dreams and visions of the masses based on what technologies give best.”

Founder & CEO, Francois Drubrulle

Looking ahead, QONN8Q aims at developing some new functionalities overtime for valuable services for people wherever they are. With virtually an unlimited pallet of services coming up, QONN8Q will revolutionize the way people will look up at the sky, a new frontier everyone must connect with. 

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