QOSMOSYS: A Manifesto for a Return to
Our Origins and Hope for Our Future

In February of 1971, astronaut Edgar Mitchell was returning to earth after walking on the Moon. As he looked out of the craft at the panoramic view before him, he experienced a sudden profound shift in consciousness he would later describe as “samadhi,” or enlightenment.

Mitchell also became aware of a vastness within himself that mirrored that of space.“All matter in our universe,” he stated, “is created in star systems, and so the matter in my body, the matter in the spacecraft, the matter in my partners’ bodies, was the product of stars. We are stardust, and we’re all one in that sense.”

Humans have expressed their fascination with space exploration almost since the beginning of our history and, unlike the early explorers on this planet, space exploration has always been less about “conquering” and more about observation, expansion and innovation.

It is an opportunity to stretch our human potential.
It brings us hope for the future.

Every citizen of the World must repossess space, now. This is where we all come from, after all; it is the atomic composition of our every cell. In 2022, when Qosmosys begins sending materials, tools, objects, or any life form, into space in the near future, it will also accomplish a symbolic, useful and necessary gesture that enriches and elevates every human into its vastness.

As we’ve seen in the case of Mitchell and other space travelers, the greatest gift outer space offers us is an expanded perspective of life, our planet, and ourselves. QOSMOSYS is the facilitator that binds everyone on the planet with the immensity of space.

Never before have we been so confronted with the fragility of the world, its cultural and economic institutions, and humanity itself. It is easy to get so embroiled in the busyness of our lives that we rarely step out of our own small corner of the world.

QOSMOSYS reminds us that one day, sooner than we think, we might no longer be bound to this planet. It reminds us that there are no limits to what we can do, if we just keep looking up at the stars.