Zeus Specifications

ZeusX is not merely a space vehicle; it is a testament to human ingenuity and technological prowess. It represents a quantum leap forward in aerospace engineering, embodying a concentration of cutting-edge flying technologies that redefine the boundaries of what is possible in space exploration.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence that contemplates all quality standards applicable at NASA or the European Space Agency, ZeusX pushes the limits of innovation, setting a new standard for spacecraft design and performance.

ZeusX's exceptional performance capabilities make it a formidable force in lunar exploration, makes it versatile and adaptable, comprising three modules:
- one Service Module (QSM), - one Moon Lander (QML), - one Lunar Integrated Bulk Extraction Rover (LIBER), reserved to Qosmosys lunar operations

With a diameter of 4.2 meters and a modular height of 7 meters, ZeusX boasts a substantial size that accommodates its advanced systems and an expandable payload capacity.

With a maximum wet mass of up to 8 metric tons, ZeusX has the capability to carry significant payloads to the Moon and beyond, exceeding a net payload capacity of almost two metric tons on the Moon as well as more than 1,500kg of micro-satellites or instruments in cislunar orbit or beyond, therefore ensures that a wide range of scientific instruments, equipment, experiments and commercial applications can be transported and deployed with precision.

At the heart of ZeusX lies a culmination of years of meticulous space architecture tradeoffs, where every system has been engineered and qualified to achieve optimal efficiency and reliability. From its advanced electric propulsion system that harnesses the power of the most efficient Hall effect thrusters to its revolutionary lightweight yet robust structural materials, ZeusX stands as a marvel of engineering excellence.

ZeusX surpasses its counterparts not only in terms of remarkable technologies put together but also in its unwavering commitment to risk management, in particular during lunar landing operations. A groundbreaking new design approach, especially the Mission Operation Center, sets ZeusX apart, revolutionizing the way we approach the challenges of an end-to-end mission, from the Earth to the Moon and beyond.

Committed to ten-year lifetime missions over a large Moon latitude band, ZeusX can withstand the harsh lunar environment, operational stresses, and potential contingencies, providing its Customer’s payloads with the highest level of confidence in their mission's success and a promise to superior delivered performance while complying with a full commitment to sustainability and Moon integrity, immediately evident in its design and its mission definitions.

In its stack configuration, the compatibility of ZeusX with various launch vehicles, including SpaceX's Falcon Heavy, ArianeGroup's Ariane 64, Blue Origin's New Glenn, and United Launch Alliance's Vulcan VC2P, provides flexibility and accessibility to launch platforms, expanding opportunities for lunar missions and collaborations on a global scale.

With its impressive performances and compatibility, ZeusX stands ready to redefine the future of lunar exploration, unlocking the mysteries of the universe and shaping the destiny of our species.