Zeus-1 launch makes Airbus the first European company to test perovskite solar cells in space

Singapore, January 3rd, 2023 — Today’s launch of the QOSMOSYS Zeus-1 nanospacecraft has orbited the first experiment using perovskite solar cells by a European company: Airbus Defence and Space.

Zeus-1 was successfully launched today from Cape Canaveral (Florida, USA) on a SpaceX/Falcon 9 rocket.
Airbus and Qosmosys are breaking new boundaries in testing this breakthrough solar cell technology in space, using Qosmosys’ Zeus platform as an evaluation platform for promising in-space technology experiments.

“We’re immensely proud to embark this Airbus experiment on our multi-mission cubesat. We know that space is a harsh environment, and that is with humility we have designed and prepared Zeus-1 operations to help Airbus push forward their research in new materials.” says Francois Dubrulle, CEO of Qosmosys.

Florence Fusalba, Head of Advanced Electrical Products at Airbus Defence and Space, considers that research is made of small successes, as is this experiment. “Testing these solar cells manufactured by CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) is one modest but important step in our internal research at Airbus. The outstanding power conversion efficiency, high power to weight ratio, compatibility with flexible substrates, and excellent radiation resistance of perovskite solar cells enable them to be a promising candidate for next-generation space solar arrays. It has been a pleasure working with QOSMOSYS to make this in-space experiment possible.”

Should Zeus-1 be a full mission success, the Zeus platform could become an interesting standard for the industry. Indeed, any company that manufactures cubesats needs to observe quality control rules to properly serve high-demanding performance payloads in outer space. We believe Qosmosys with the Zeus platform is one of them.

Testing of perovskite solar cells will be intensive and should last several months.

With Zeus-1, Qosmosys will also test an innovative software to better control cubesats in space, along with “project Godspeed”, a payload in the form of a time-capsule carrying fifty artworks engraved on golden plates to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Pioneer-10 probe launched into the deep space.

About QOSMOSYS: QOSMOSYS is an international private company established with the purpose of offering on-demand services to public or private organizations that desire to operate on the Moon and beyond in three sectors: mining & robotics, science & tech and transportation.