SpeQtral and Qosmosys Unite to Pioneer Lunar Quantum Communications

Singapore, 2 April 2024 – SpeQtral, an expert in space-based quantum communications, and Qosmosys, a leader in space exploration, proudly announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU). This collaboration aims to develop a Moon-based Entanglement Distribution System (MEDS) for ultra long-distance quantum communications, leveraging Qosmosys’ ZeusX and SpeQtral’s expertise to unlock the Moon’s potential for cybersecurity applications and beyond.

The MEDS holds the promise of facilitating various applications, including quantum communications from the Moon and quantum-enhanced long baseline interferometry for astronomy and deep space observations. Quantum-enhanced long baseline interferometry has the potential to significantly increase the achievable resolution and sensitivity for observing distant celestial objects, advancing our understanding of deep space phenomena.

The partnership encompasses key initiatives such as conducting design feasibility studies, setting up the industry consortium and business structure to execute the programme, and pursuing joint business development opportunities for MEDS operations.

Lum Chune Yang, CEO and Co-founder of SpeQtral, emphasised the transformative nature of the partnership, remarking, “This collaboration marks a significant and challenging milestone in merging space exploration and quantum technology. With Qosmosys, we’re excited to tackle the challenge of redefining the boundaries of space exploration and cybersecurity.”

François Dubrulle, CEO of Qosmosys, adds “Identifying groundbreaking applications on the Moon presents a considerable challenge to ensure profitability in the near term. However, MEDS stands out as an innovation that unequivocally demonstrates the Moon’s potential for pioneering technologies, along with its compatibility with real economic value for cybersecurity on Earth. Qosmosys firmly believes that partnering with SpeQtral is the optimal choice, not only for the quality of collaboration between our two companies but also for bolstering Singapore’s reputation as a hub for technological excellence and substantial growth in the space industry.”

Aligned with the burgeoning interest and investment in space exploration and quantum technologies globally, Qosmosys and SpeQtral are positioned to capitalize on the unique opportunities arising from the convergence of these domains, laying a solid foundation for future advancements and commercialisation.


About SpeQtral
SpeQtral is a pioneer in quantum communications, with a vision to build and deploy global quantum networks. SpeQtral develops quantum-secure products and services designed to protect sovereign and enterprise telecommunication networks against classical, as well as future quantum-based cyber-attacks on cryptography. Combining both terrestrial and space-based solutions, SpeQtral aims to secure the world’s networks against the threats posed by the imminent quantum revolution and drive innovation in quantum communications that will serve as the building blocks for the future quantum internet.

For more information, visit: https://speqtralquantum.com/

About Qosmosys
Qosmosys is a Singapore-based company with branches in France and the United States. The company is currently developing its flagship spacecraft, ZeusX. Established as an international private entity, Qosmosys aims to provide on-demand services to public or private organizations looking to operate on the Moon and beyond. Qosmosys services span three sectors: transportation, robotics & resources and science & tech. The company aims to make lunar access more accessible, providing both public and private sectors with a dependable and flexible approach to foster a moon-based economy.

For more information, visit: https://qosmosys.com/